Nobilis World

We are a Danish company that has been producing #nobilis ornamental greenery since 2004. Many years of experience allows us to stand out with quality and price. The branches come from our Danish plantations, every year in the fall season we deliver 2,000 tons of branches, mainly to Poland, Germany, Netherlands, Italy and England. On our website you will find information related to the wholesale of branches and job offers. We invite you to read all the information.

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Nobilis is the common name for the noble fir Abies procera. This species comes from the forests of North America, the states of Washington and Oregon. The trees were brought to Great Britain in 1830, after the Second World War, the branches went to Danish Christmas markets where they were very well received as decorative greenery. Europeans fell in love with noble fir branches, and Denmark became Europe's largest producer of nobilis garlands.

Århusvej 45, Ring, 8963 Auning